Account Features and Benefits

Financing your business operations or expansion plans locally, nationally, or worldwide requires long-term capital. That is why it pays to get all the facts about a term loan from Amegy Bank. It is an ideal option for:

  • Raising permanent working capital
  • Refinancing existing debt
  • Purchasing equipment or vehicles
  • Funding growth opportunities, such as acquiring another business
  • Financing commercial real estate purchases
  • Or meeting other long–term capital needs

A key advantage with term loan[cite::2149::cite] financing is the security of having a fixed repayment schedule and amount that affords your business greater security, predictability and solid financial planning. Our highly-trained business and commercial bankers have expertise in a wide variety of industries and will sit down with you to discuss specific needs, market conditions, and how best to capitalize on growth opportunities.

For short-term working capital needs, click here to learn about Business Line of Credit